Our Story

Pure Scandinavia is a Helsinki-based production service company offering a full range of services in film and TV. We deliver the highest quality services to companies looking for a snow location, planning to shoot their production in Finland, Lapland, Estonia or anywhere in the Nordic region. Thanks to our unmatched network of contacts, we are able to secure the best talent and by far the best production value for your project.

The core for Pure Scandinavia consists of the producers of Grillifilms and Woodpecker Film, two of the most respected and experienced commercials production companies in Finland. Between them, these two companies have the longest reference list of international productions in the country.

Pure Scandinavia is also affiliated to Moskito Television, Finland and Monster, Norway. This makes Pure Scandinavia a part of leading independent production entity in Scandinavia specializing in commercials, TV drama and entertainment & feature films. To cut to the chase, our team has a direct access to unparalleled expertise in all areas of film & TV production in Scandinavia.


Welcome to Grillifilms, the home of the finest film production. Our passion is to produce magnificient commercial films for all tastes in all occasions.

It´s all on the menu: directors, producers and service production. Bon appetit!


Woodpecker Film

Woodpecker Film is the longest standing Finnish commercials Production Company.

Our very strong background in production together with the lean, creative & flexible crew, gives you great tools for smooth and cost-effective productions. We have the longest reference list of international productions in the country.


Angel Films

Angel Films brings light to the movies. Our rentalhouse has everything from grips to trucks and from lights to cameras-cranes. As well as our tip-top condition equipment, we lease Finland's biggest studio - 800 m2 of effective space for filming and events. As well we are running a small 250 m2 green screen studio. In collaboration with Dagsljus(Sweden) you can find our services from Helsinki, Stockholm, Haaparanta/Tornio, Tallinn, Göteborg...